preparing for blooms


The acre is beginning to look quite glorious. Marianne and Sarah went plant shopping and the " Madge Green Bee Bed " is really taking shape. The bed next door is being sponsored by Transform and Sarah is coming up with a design for it. Gerrard spent back breaking hours digging the bed over so the plants should thrive - can't wait!

Elsewhere the preparations were underway for the lawn in front of the new cabin. The soil was broken down to a fine dust, watered, rolled, raked and seeded but not before an impromptu putting competition had taken place on what we’re hoping will be grass first enough for a golf lawn! A big thanks to John, Brendan, Aniello and Kwei for all the hard work which was rewarded by slices of Isobel's gorgeous chocolate brownies.

This was just a taste of everyone's efforts on Wednesday but it was a great day that everyone thoroughly enjoyed. Toni was also about and the cut flower bed is beginning to take shape; roses have been planted and seeds are well on their way in the greenhouse. Another new enterprise for this year which will brighten up the area in front of the laurels considerably.

We also provided a contingent of volunteers to help at the Farnham Town Council greenhouses on both Thursday and Good Friday. I know that our help was greatly appreciated with special thanks to John who went to every session. Somewhere in the region of 20, 000 plug plants are now on the go and soon will need planting out - something I'm sure we can all get involved in and learn something in return!