planting and weeding

Next day saw the Wednesday crew role up their sleeves and really get stuck into the garden. Don was soon busy weeding one of our beds and planting some of the flowers that Nick had kindly donated from his garden and now we only have one bed in urgent need of weeding. Gill and Sarah were on the cabin veranda planting out tray after tray of seeds which we can plant out in our beds later, saving us a lot of money.

Brendan and John were to be seen scratching their heads as they looked at the puzzle of how to erect our donated greenhouse. As none of us had seen it in its built state, it was quite a challenge. So much so that their first attempt saw it being erected back to front which made me feel a whole lot better after Nick and I had built our tool shed inside out last year! Aniello was also on hand to help and I'm pleased to say that by Thursday afternoon the structure was up and all we need is a few replacement panes to complete it. Thank you to those involved and to Mick who found the greenhouse for us last year.

Aniello also unleashed his artistic side and after some prep work was soon painting the benches that had been donated by Waverley. When I called into the acre late this afternoon I was greeted by a completed one, resplendent in its coat of glossy black and sporting new, shiny coach bolts. A classy addition to the acre - a big thank you to Aniello!

Thursday and the Gardening Club soon set about weeding and clearing various parts of the acre. A barrow load of discarded scrap was unearthed from goodness knows where but is now thankfully in a scrap pile, ready to be recycled. Alan weeded our onion bed ( just for you Isobel! ) and further weeding was carried out on beds that needed it. The area around the pond was also given a spring clean and looks all the better for it. A big thank you to all involved.