moving greenhouse


A noticeable feature has moved location as our greenhouse now sits proudly on its new base - a big thank you to Simon, John and Gerrard for this. The view from our new cabin over the acre and the meadows beyond is stunning! A big thank you to the Thursday Gardening Club who weeded the area in front of the cabin and narrowed earth over to start levelling it up ( Libby, John, Ann and Ernest ).


Elsewhere Marianne and Sarah could be seen plotting out the new Transform bed and planting out the bee bed - which is really taking shape. Gerrard and Isobel were also in conversation about the vegetable strips and I know they have  a well worked out plan which will ensure we have a plentiful supply of fresh vegetables to enjoy later in the year.

We've now decided to have a wildflower bed for the local School which Don and John were soon turning over which received the Head Teachers hard won praise! Don's wife Jill was busily cutting out bunting for this year's judging and John, who seemed to be everywhere, found himself as chief rake for the cut flower bed before handing the reins to Simon to finish off. Amongst all of this activity the children were enjoying an Easter egg hunt - a big thank you to Kate for organising the chocolate mayhem!


It was a wonderfully productive couple of days with smiling faces abounding, something the acre does to us lot!

There was also a visit from a student from the UCA who is doing a degree in illustration who came along with Lucy. Iris has kindly offered to paint a mural for us and having seen her artwork we are going to have something very original and beautiful to look at.