We are a team of therapists, horticulturalists and mostly enthusiastic volunteers.....


Lou James

I’m Lou James and I’m a family therapist. I trained in the NHS, working in CAMHS, and have an MSc from the Institute of Family Therapy. It was my childhood that inspired me to set up the ‘space2grow’. Growing up I spent a lot of time outdoors, firstly in Africa, where I was born, and then in the Sussex countryside. Being outside in nature always helps me to sort my head out. Being inside staring at a screen does not. If you feel the same, or see your kids going stir crazy, then come to one of our Parenting Puzzle courses in the Big Shed. If you’ve ever had talking therapy in a white room, then it’s nothing like that!



Corin Harrison

I'm Corin and have lived in Farnham for 8 years. I've personal experience of horticulture benefitting my wellbeing as I have used it to overcome a range of issues which I'm always happy to talk about to visitors at space2grow. I coordinate the volunteer experiences and will be project managing the site.



Nicola Chinn

I’m Nicola and have lived in and around Farnham all my life. I’ve been involved in space2grow from the beginning, helping to shape ideas for the space, growing my limited gardening knowledge and, most importantly, enjoying spending time in the outdoors, away from life’s distractions and meeting new people.  My dog Sidney always comes with me and he has a great time too! 

Isobel Murphy


I’m Isobel, currently an English student. I started gardening after I was officially diagnosed with a mental health illness a few years ago. I initially used gardening as a distraction but I realised that it could be used as some kind of therapy to help me. Now after getting a bit better, I completely believe in gardening being a comfort and tool for ease. I have self-published a small book about using gardening to recover from an eating disorder, something that I think is overlooked. I completed the Advanced Vegetable Growing and Self-Sufficeny course with My Garden School in 2015, but other than that, all of my gardening knowledge has been taught to me by my mum and I am learning new things every single day.

Kelley Taylor

I’m Kelley and I have two teenage children. Since getting involved with space2grow I’ve attended the Parenting Puzzle course and found it so helpful I’ve now trained as a facilitator and really enjoy sharing the benefits with other parents.  I attend the weekly volunteer sessions on a Wednesday morning and love seeing the changes on the acre as we work together to develop the space. 

Kate Newton

Hi I'm Kate, a local mum kept busy with two young boys. I completed the Parenting Course a year ago and found it tremendously valuable in helping with day to day family life. Since then I've trained to become a facilitator of the courses and help run them at the space. I'm passionate about the parenting programme and love sharing the journey with other parents, learning so much on the way. With a background in marketing, I've been helping with the website and communication on the space2grow project. What I lack in gardening skills I hope to make up with enthusiasm and I'm excited to see how this space is going help a variety of people.