spring is on it's way


Nothing heralds the change of season as well as the bright yellow daffodils with their ' trumpets' proudly announcing that spring is coming. With such lovely weather drifting over the acre it is truly magical to see the changes, knowing that longer and warmer days are on the way. A little group of bullfinches have been spotted and blue tits abound, dashing to and from the feeders as they build up their strength to raise a new family in the coming weeks. A beautiful haven in the middle of our town that is every bit as busy as the streets and shops that lie just beyond the gate.


On the acre we've been busy extending our vegetable strip ( a big thanks to Louis) and clearing the Secret Garden in preparation for the local school to start their designs ( a big thank you to Libby and Ann). We also had a visit from the Farnham Community Farm and already they have been in contact with the kind offer of soft fruit bushes and snowdrops - a big thank you! 

This time of year is a busy one, especially for us as there is so much in the planning stage that we need to get going. The ground has dried out and is perfect for digging and weeding so that our beds look even better than last year. To enjoy the acre this summer, sitting amongst the flowers and taking in the tranquility of the pond as we tuck into picnics, we do need to push ahead now so each pair of hands will be warmly appreciated and put to good use! In return the acre will repay each moment of work handsomely, supplemented by the sense of pride and shared enjoyment. 

A big thank you to Isobel for her scrumptious, melt in the mouth, apple and cinnamon cake which was demolished by end of play!