a fruitful & busy week

On our regular gathering on Wednesday it was like Picadilly Circus with guests and visitors, volunteers and the acre pack all making the most of the wonderful weather. We were hosting a visit of councillors from Surrey CC. who were there to see the project and discuss future opportunities in the town. After our standard welcome of a slice of homemade cake ( apple and sultana - thanks Nicola!) and a cup of tea, they spent the morning talking to volunteers and discovering what we all do so well at space2grow.

Elsewhere it was great to put Isobel together with Gerrard so that they could plan out our vegetable strips for this year. The large strip is being extended and Simon and Kwei were about in the afternoon to continue the work - many thanks! We also had a visit from Clare who removed some of last year's plants from this bed and dug it over too - great work and another thanks!

Rob Simpson from the Community Farm project came over with his car trailer full of soft fruit bushes which he had dug up from his own garden. A very generous donation and one that will provide lots of ingredients for jams and pies later in the year. The bushes were ' heeled' in by the tireless Gerrard with lots of help from Kelly and Francoise. Also on a visit from the Community Farm where Pepe and friends who came along with snowdrops for us to plant, another great donation which will bring some early spring life to the acre next year.

The Thursday Gardening Club had an equally impressive day as they continued to clear the Secret Garden so that the local primary school can start to design their very own garden. Metalwork was pulled from the nettlebed, barbed wire was cut out and a fire was on the go to burn the cleared undergrowth. The area is taking on a real transformation thanks to Libby and Ann's sterling efforts and they are making great strides in ensuring that the school project is going to be a success. Thank you!

And that brings us neatly on to the schools outdoor class on Thursday afternoon where they were told the news that they would be getting a garden all of their own. They stood in a semi circle around our firepit, smoke drifting across them, as the good news was announced. Immediate bedlam as excitement broke out, hands raised as they asked numerous questions - often simultaneously - squeals of delight abounded. Before long they were off on adventures as they let their imaginations run riot in amongst the bamboo, any number of them having seen snakes that are obviously contained therein in multiple numbers that would have Indiana Jones quaking in his boots! The whole troupe entered the maze en masse, getting somewhat log jammed in the middle before order was restored and they left with bits and pieces to draw back at school. A wonderful visit which they'll be doing twice a week - just fantastic!

It's been a busy week and tomorrow finds us at The Maltings for the Refresher's Fair from 4pm until 8pm, if you are around come and find our stand! We hope to decorate it with a few actual trees..