paths and planning


On Wednesday it was busy, busy, busy as we made great strides under Nicks guidance in laying our new path. The ground was prepared before a membrane to suppress the weeds was laid down. Edging boards soon followed, held in by wooden pegs, and by the end of the session it had been completed without the woodchip top dressing and now stretches from behind the toilet to beyond the tool shed. This sterling work was down to the endeavours of Nick, Isobel, Scarlett, Nicky, Kelly and Brendan - fantastic work! 

Thursday dawned and Libby was soon beavering away under a beautiful blue sky, tidying and weeding our large vegetable plot where Aniello tended his tomato plants last year. Scarlett soon joined her and between them they cut back shrubs, trimmed the old rose and weeded and cleared the bed ready for this year's plant out. Great work! 

Brendan was about too, barrowing the woodchips onto the newly laid path and now it looks fantastic.


We also had a very constructive meeting with a local primary school to plan this year's activities on the the acre. We're going to work alongside them in the RHS School Garden Iniative which is multi faceted but will encourage children to learn about the environment, nature and food by creating a garden that encompasses all of these important points and educates the next generation about the importance of cherishing our natural world. This is something that space2grow are in a fantastic position to promote, and we are fully behind ensuring the school are able to educate the children through nature which will benefit everybody in years to come. As they are studying "Jack and the Beanstalk" and "The Secret Garden" the trustees have decided that they can develop the secluded garden area, which will be renamed ' The Secret Garden', so that they have a space all of their own. It will be magical! We hope that we can get some funding for this as it is such a worthwhile project and is just so right in what it promotes. 

The acre is springing to life, daffodils and crocuses are poking out of the beds and our wildflower is already beginning to show signs of coming out of its winter slumber. There's so much to enjoy, so much to get involved in and lots of exciting plans beginning to take shape. The sun is making inroads in creating longer, warmer days and nature is making best use of it - the birds especially are getting busy and more vocal and numerous by the day, we even had a small common field vole join us on Wednesday too!