wind in the willows

This week saw us start the second layer of our willow fencing which also meant harvesting the boughs by pollarding the trees by the stream. The idea is to create additional screening so that when the laurels are cut down to a few feet on the Bishops Meadow we will not lose our privacy.

We also received some fantastic news from Farnham Council and they are going too make a contribution that will allow us to make progress on landscaping the pond. With the recent wonderfully generous donations we’ve received, it means we can now make progress on many fronts; the pond, pizza oven, bbq, willow fencing... the new cabin will be going up, greenhouses need moving and erecting, planting out... we've got a lots on our plate! 

We’re also progressing nicely on our paths, Nick kindly picked up a heavy load of path edging boards on Saturday which the pair of us moved onto the acre in the afternoon. The membrane and woodchips are on site so we're ready to move on that front too. It's getting exciting! 

On Friday Corin attended the inaugural meeting of the Farnham Biodiversity Group at the town Council chambers. This is a new project that aims to map all of the wildlife in our area so that we have a clearer view of what we have, what species are struggling and which ones are thriving. With this knowledge we will be better able to assist where we can by providing wildlife corridors ( eg for hedgehog migration) and a plan can be put into place to ensure the survival of our native species. The best way forward is to educate people ( especially children as they are great at educating/pestering adults) in the importance of protecting our environment before we tip over the precipice and lose our green spaces. The plan might also be used as a persuasive tool to ensure that developers work alongside conservationists when implementing the overall Local Plan. The acre is fully behind this well supported iniative and more news on this and how we'll be getting involved will follow in the coming weeks.