steamy work


With the heatwave continuing it was quite steamy work today but we got a lot done. The excess liner around the pond has been cut away making it look a lot neater and soon we'll be able to bury the remaining 'fringe' and plant around the edges. The water has now turned slightly green but is supporting all kinds of aquatic life already... including fish! Yup, little fry can be seen darting about at the edges whilst bugs of all descriptions scuttle about around them. Now we know it's healthy enough to support life we can spend some of our donated funds on getting some pond plants.



Under Isobel's close instruction we cropped some more of our vegetables which left a space for Aniello to plant out some more of our lettuce. Sarah did a sterling job of weeding the strips so they are now looking back to their best again. Meanwhile I was tackling the brambles which have shot up after the rain on Sunday and Brendan was busily employed on the mower. Late in the afternoon we downtooled and enjoyed a fantastic BBQ which included our own produce, the pick being our sweetcorn which is so sweet and flavoursome. Tea and coffee were supplemented by Isobel's "once tasted, never forgotten" chocolate brownies so by early evening we had been wonderfully fed as we hauled our way to our homes. Great stuff!