cooking on gas


A first for us on the acre today and it felt like a day we'd all been looking forward to. Our first lunch cooked at the acre with fresh vegetables straight from the beds.

We watched regular Wednesday volunteer, Aniello set about his chef craft with aplomb, dazzling us with his knife skills as he prepared a vegetarian meal on a small camping stove using our produce.


It was such a simple dish but cooked perfectly; Marrows were to the fore ( sliced and diced) together with cherry tomatoes which Aniello cut in two in groups of six under the palm of his hand, much to Kate's amazement.




These were heated through with olive oil and some secret ingredients which included garlic, salt and balsamic vinegar, whilst on another stove pasta was on the go and Aniello's home made bread was also warmed through.

The marrow skin was also used. The pealed skin was marinated in vinegar and with addition of some herbs and rock salt made a beautiful fresh topping to the homemade rosemary bread. Words don't do justice to the meal that was served and it was absolutely fantastic to sit around in a relaxed atmosphere and to feel so easy in each others company. 


It wasn't all feasting, we did also do some work which included weeding, watering and tidying but today was all about the meal, the company and Heather's Hawaiian blessing of the acre on her flute which was very beautiful and peaceful.