feast on the acre


Another feast on the acre as Aniello was on top form as he prepared two curries over two sittings, one for the morning crew and the other for those arriving later. They were both excellent, especially as he predominantly used produce from the acre. 


Between mouthfuls we did get some work done and have made a good start in tidying the entrance area. The main bed was weeded and the wildflower next to the wall has been strimmed as it had gone past its best. Mick did sterling work planting out two lovely shrubs that were donated by Nick whilst Rachel, Brendan and Corin did much of the weeding. Sarah was brilliant as Aniello's soux chef and vegetable gatherer, bringing along Abigail whom I'm pretty certain enjoyed the day!

A special treat was to have John Negus pay us a visit as he's so busy, so to find time for us was brilliant. John's enthusiasm is infectious, coupled with his great knowledge and his genuine interest in each of us and our progress. It was lovely to see Kate sons again as they tumbled on the lawn and went adventuring on the acre. In the afternoon Aniello brought along Jackie and she too had a wonderful time and will hopefully be back for more!!

So it was a lovely day and a big thank you to Aniello for making it special.