willow pathways


A lot was achieved with Brendan steering our happy crew. We put some strengthening poles on the willow fencing in front of the cabin as it was leaning out towards the Bishops Meadow. The grass in front of the cabin was given a cut and this showed how well our new grass has taken. 

Much more was also achieved; Simon was the major force in moving our kindly donated Acer from the stream and planting it out in the corner where the Portuguese Laurels meet the Leylandii. It looks really impressive now it's in, a big thank you to our Town Council for their donation.


Additional willow fencing was added to the existing fence along the path, a task completed by Brendan and Aniello, with help from Simon. Another part of the acre also took on a new look as Kelly, Brendan and Lucy started making a living willow path through to our serenity garden. The path is just visible from beside the pond, inviting people to explore the space that lies beyond. It's a lovely touch, subtle and beguiling and fits into our vision brilliantly.

Our flower beds got a weed and the garden furniture has been moved closer to where we work. The protective fencing has also been moved and I'll show everyone the way to navigate your way around when you next come. 

In essence a lot was achieved; all our plants are thriving and it won't be long before some of our strawberries will be sitting alongside a scoop of ice cream...