glorious acre


The weather was glorious and highlighted the beautiful colours of the wildflowers within the meadow. Corncockle, poppy, oxide daisy and clover, amongst many others, swayed gently in the long wild grasses with mayflies, honeybees and butterflies making themselves busy, darting and flitting about the place. This is our workplace too and it's a stunning space that we can be rightly proud of.

Isobel was first to arrive, bearing raspberry plants (thank you!) which she soon had planted in our new fruit bed. They compliment our blackcurrants, redcurrant and gooseberry stocks and should be fruiting next year, perhaps this year if we're very lucky.

Sarah planted out the bed near the cabin which she cleared of the daffodils. The bed has been transformed with fuschia, tree peonies, sunflowers, red hot pokers and many others. The display will give a really lovely introduction to visitors coming through our Harry Potter door!

Brendan cleared our old fireplace of the large root bowls and added the ash to our compost heap, which will add further nutrients to enrich our soil. Hard work, so a big thank you, and that area looks so much better.

Kelly and Kate, meanwhile, were busy weeding the raised beds and they looked so much better for it, especially after Kate had given them a much needed watering.


The afternoon session was productive too barrows of topsoil were carted over to complete the lawn.  Simon spent time watering the newly seeded entrance and the trees. 

We also had a visit from Natalie, a local teacher, who will be running two outdoor classes on the acre from Monday. Just how good is that?!!

So much happening today, and with the acre transforming as the day wore on, there was a lot of fun and good humour about, which was a great atmosphere to be in! The acre at its best.