weeding & watering


One of today's tasks was to make all our beds, vegetable and flower, look a bit more presentable as weeds had started to spread.

Nicola, Kate and Scarlett soon had the flower beds looking neat again. Meanwhile Isobel was weeding the vegetable strips and mounding up our potato plants.


Working nearby, Brendan soon had a sweat on as he completed digging and turning our new fruit bush bed - we hope to have some new bushes planted in a couple of weeks. Our first greenhouse matured seedlings ( Cosmos) were planted out by Suzie and hopefully more will be ready soon.



We also welcomed Beverley who came bearing a wonderful combination of herb plants that Aniello has planted into large pot.


Simon watered like crazy and helped Aniello plant our new beef and cherry tomatoes and the pair of them spread some of our delightfully whiffy compost at the base of the new willow fencing. This will assist with water retention and will give our willows a better chance of survival in the arid conditions by the path. 

With improvements in the weather, we've decided to turbo boost our activities and make the acre available all week. The hardcore base by the metal shed is to be paved ready for a cabin ( temporary shelter for the summer) and a load of soil conditioner will be delivered which will need spreading and seeding. 

What a lovely day to spend on the acre and what great company to boot. Corin reflected that it was only three weeks ago we had all gathered and worked at doing our willow fencing in the pouring rain, the mud more abundant than any perceptable growing plant life. Just look at it now!