fruits of our labour


What a magical day on the acre! Day by day our vista changes as our plants grow and new colours are added to the palette creating a riotous assault on our senses. Look deeply into the plant life and soon a whole different world comes into play - the life of bugs and insects. Now is the time to watch our stag beetles as they go about their business in their shiny undertakers uniforms, or to catch the neon blues and reds of the mayflies as they fly a love dance over the wildflower meadow. Bring a camera and take a moment and soon you will be rewarded with something special!

In the afternoon Brendan, Simon, Aniello and Corin rigged up a rudimentary, but accurate, measuring system for our pond. This hole in the ground has been a particular bugbear of the team as its been just that, a hole, for almost six months.


We are delighted that we received £500 towards the cost of the liner from our efforts at the Innovation Conference last month. Although this didn't quite cover all the costs we needed Corin did a fabulous job contacting the retailer, and after explain the project and the work that we do in our little acre, they agreed to carry out the work for £500! This us to still be able to purchase waterlilies and other aquatic plants. 

We did get a lot of our weeding done too and a big thank you to Hannah, Andy, Nicola, Brendan and Aniello for doing this arduous task. Simon was busy watering anything and everything in sight, including the newly laid grass in the serenity garden.


We have also entered our first competition, South & South East in Bloom. The judging is only days away and, whether we gain an award or not, matters little as we have gained so much together, and that's the most important thing the acre gives us in abundance.