pond life


It was all about team effort on the acre today. We had a big task ahead, after our successful bid at the innovation conference last month we were finally able to fund the pond liner, we now just needed to lay it! After we had removed the larger stones and rocks we lined the ground; firstly with donated carpet off-cuts and then with felt padding. Once we created a smooth underlay the liner was slowly put into place. It took some manoeuvring, a bit of tugging and a lot of team work!  It was a magical moment when Corin began to fill the pond . Soon we'll be attracting all kinds of wildlife; frogs, newts, mayfly, water beetles and so much more will have a beautiful home and be most welcome inhabitants on the acre.


It was a busy day and lots of other tasks where also completed. Isobel in typical fashion got stuck straight into our vegetable strips, which now are weed free and sporting some new bedfellows in Brendan's donated courgettes. A lesson followed in cropping which highlighted a massive knowledge gap that she fills admirably, and with such patience, within our happy group. 

Under Kelly's guidance a fire pit was built in the camping area. We can now have camping nights, surrounded by our nocturnal friends that co-habit the acre, and that will make a big difference in how we use the project. 


The creation taking place near the vegetable strips, Aniello's raised picking salad bed, was completed and planted with some distinctive lettuces. To ensure we have a ready supply throughout the summer, Clare busied herself by seeding additional trays which are in the greenhouse.