super wednesday


A very busy Wednesday.  

We had a several people visiting the acre today. We are entering Farnham in Bloom and after meeting some of the Farnham in Bloom team from the Town Council at the launch last week, they came down today and it was good to see what they thought of everything we are striving to achieve. They left praising our efforts, we just need to work hard to see if we can succeed in our category! 

We were also really happy that John Negus was able to join us today. John is a venerated gardener, years of experience and who has agreed to become a part of the space2grow project. His expertise is truly second to none in our parts and it's a real honour to have him on board.


Our other visitors were some staff from a fantastic organisation that helps people overcome a variety of issues surrounding mental health. They were so impressed that we have created such a safe space and commented on how non judgemental and how thoroughly enthusiastic everybody involved with the project is. 



Finally we were incredibly fortunate to have some new volunteers, who, despite the bad weather had an enjoyable day and will all be coming back hopefully on a sunnier day.

Although it was a very wet morning, it was there perfect conditions to try and finish the willow fencing around the secluded garden so we all focused our efforts on that before retiring to the cabin for well earned tea and cake.

We've been incredible fortunate to have sourced a greenhouse and in the afternoon we started the assembly of our greenhouse under Mick's guidance. This involved creating a level site having found the best position to take advantage of the sun. Some panes have been fitted and hopefully we can complete this tomorrow. Scarlett got busy planting vegetables in our third strip and we now have onions and parsnips with some more to go in, hopefully tomorrow.


A big thank you for such a successful day.