getting creative


What a wonderful day on the acre! Wednesday's are firmly our favourite day of the week; we always look forward to the camaraderie, the teamwork and the freedom and today was an exceptionally great experience. The acre has come alive with colour and growth -  what a dramatic change from the mudfest we endured last week! 

The earth in our raised beds was like blocks of concrete but soon everyone got stuck in with spades and forks and the planting commenced. Faced with an array of pots to choose from, we decided upon a " place it and plant it" policy which has given our beds a fantastic randomness that fits the nature of the acre so well. This is the acre working at it's best with everyone having an input and able to express and enjoy themselves. 

Another individual creation was the tomato and corn bed which in most gardens would be situated amongst a vegetable plot. Not on our acre.. it sits proudly amongst the raised flower beds and soon big, fat, juicy tomatoes will add a flash of colour against the backdrop of the Bishops Meadow. Thanks to Aniello and Brendan for digging the trenches. 

A big thank you to Nick for choosing the plants and looking after them for us, and especially for organising our watering system - hoses are notorious for getting in a tangle