april showers


A fantastic day for clearing some of the site and beginning to see the space at the back of the acre for the potential serenity garden. Despite an early heavy shower, a determined group set about clearing the large piles of wood that dominated clearing. Then the sun came out and the fire got going and we quickly managed to clear most of the unwanted scrub.


From the clearing we've managed to create an abundance of willow that we will use for more fencing and for supports in the vegetable patch. A fantastic effort and we can now make our plans for the serenity garden come to life.




ln the afternoon Brendan, Lucy and myself joined Nick and a couple of volunteers from the Bishops Meadow Trust to fence the next field which is being sprayed in the morning. With motorised transport, and with Lucy grinning from ear to ear behind the wheel, we made quick work of it and we all came back to the cabin for tea and cake.

We also managed to gig over one of our cut flower beds, despite the earth being horribly claggy and heavy. Brendan and Nick then added the compost and we'll be able to seed this bed tomorrow.

We've extended our volunteering days to include a Thursday as the weather improves which means we can really progress on the projects.  Tomorrow willow fencing is a priority and enclosing the next cut flower bed with logs. There's also a tree to plant and a willow to move. We're at the planting stage and the acre is coming out of it's winter slumber so soon it will be a riot of colour that will make all our hard efforts so worthwhile.