Potting up


Lots of elements coming together at the space. The flower beds have all been planted, just in need of some edging and nearly all the vegetable plots are filled. Clare and Suzie were busy potting Scabious and Pumpkin seeds which will soon be flourishing in our greenhouse. The greenhouse had been on the acre for about three weeks but we hadn't fitted the glass due to other things taking priority, or the weather being against us. A big thank you to Brendan, Simon and Aniello for their sterling glazing efforts.


The potted sunflower seeds had done really well and were hardy enough to plant out, so a line of bright yellow ' faces' will hopefully bring happiness to people as they use the adjacent path. 



We have been fortunate enough to have a second greenhouse donated which is fantastic. The greenhouses will give us so much scope to grow our own plants, which is not only cost saving but also creates opportunities to explore more varieties and to experiment. Can we grow an orange tree? Who knows but we'll give it go!

We also picked up a railway sleeper, which could be made into a bench or used for edging. We've had some creative planting using a sink to plant out a collection of herbs and a little cart and wheelbarrow for strawberries. Lots of work to do but so nice to see elements coming together.