a secluded corner


What a fantastic day on the acre; fresh air, scrub clearing, sun shine and a terrific fire!

The area we tackled today has opened up a larger than envisaged spot which is beautifully secluded. We have been thinking of how best to make use of it and how to compliment the acre.


As it is a little away from the main garden and shielded by an avenue of bamboo trees there has been the suggestion of a ' Serenity Garden ' with medicinal plants in raised ' beds ' utilising our supply of pallets - the bench and a grassy area would make for a very peaceful spot should people need to take time out. 

We next need to think about the plants that would work together best and how we could go about constructing the beds. It will be a terrific use of a much neglected an abandoned piece of land.

Next on our list of projects is a potential greenhouse and where it would be most suitably sited. We're going to start planning on some ideas on size, equipment etc so we can make sure it meets the needs of the acre.

There was a great suggestion about a sunflower strip running along the fence beside the path and also in an area that lies between the cabin side and the top end. They'll be great for the pollinators and they're bound to put a smile on our faces as well as the Farnham folk on the way into town.

Finally we had some really good ideas about conserving wildlife. We're looking at creating a bug " stockade " that we can easily construct using the larger logs. We're going to have two or three of these so that the insects and bugs all have ample room to thrive..