back on track


It was great to be back on the acre today, after the foul weather has prevented us being able to progress much in the garden there was much enthusiasm, despite the claggy mud!


We managed to tidy up the area in front of the shed. Our composting efforts have paid dividends and we manage to barrow it on to the vegetable strips. We're really looking forward to sowing our first crops although that will need to wait until March. We're beginning to discuss various cooking ideas for our crops, time to start collecting any jars with lids...

The paths are coming along well and have been completed before the next parenting groups on Monday. Nice to think our visitors to the space will no longer be sinking in the endless mud!

Sometimes when we look at the long term goals and objectives it can seem quite daunting, but we took a step back today and thought of how far we've come in a relatively short time. It wasn't just the completed works ( bulbing, shed making, ponds, clearing etc) that sprung to mind but also all the ideas that we have waiting in the wings to put into action. So much promise for this special space.