magic in the willows


What a contrast to last weeks Volunteering was grey, wet and windy. We continued to make progress clearing the site in the 'secluded area' and it shows so much promise.

Hidden at the back, under all the scrub was a willow tree with a hollow trunk. Looking like something from the 'Magic Faraway Tree', it was quite enchanting to stumble across this on the grey day. Even on a damp, grey February day we are all quite excited about our quiet corner at the back of the acre. We believe we'll have it cleared soon, but as it's been so neglected for so long we're discovering that it's one of those tasks that keeps on giving!


It was half term week so we had a few extra little helpers who made themselves useful keeping the dogs constantly occupied. Nice to see how the bad weather never puts the children or the dogs off. 

 Also lovely to see the beginnings of our bulbs popping through. Looking forward to all the colour to come.