vegetable patch planning

Today saw the start on the vegetable area, with Rupert and Isobel leading the way in preparing the ground. There is some discussion regarding the best way to prepare the area with Isobel and Rupert liking the traditional method of digging, whilst Nick would like to try the " no dig " method. So we are dividing the area 50/50 and comparing results, it's going to be interesting to share the results.

DSC_1109 (1).JPG

Today we also welcomed a professional dowser on site. Geoff, who has been a dowser for the last 6 years, was looking for water sources but he also found the outlines of a building which appeared to have water running to it. It was fascinating to watch him at work and gave us all an appreciation of the history hidden within the space.

We were able to re-use some unwanted Portugese Laurel from a neighbouring garden and planted those in front of the composting area providing a nice screen, adding more form and shape to the garden.


Kelly and Nicola did a fantastic job creating a fire for getting rid of the piles of bramble and nettle that were lying about the place and we also put up five bird feeders which we hope will encourage finches and tits on to our acre and hopefully they may stay in our neck of the woods and nest.


An old nest was also found hidden amongst the branches and it's going to be lovely to see what wildlife we have in our patch and what we'll be able to do to encourage more.