cold & productive day on the acre


A great days effort on the coldest Wednesday of the year so far.

So much was achieved and the significant progress on the vegetable patch means that we can look forward with confidence. We had new experienced volunteers on site to lend a hand, and pass on their knowledge, which was a real bonus and their enthusiasm for our acre was palpable. 

The team made an excellent start on clearing the land in the far left corner where we hope to have a secluded garden, a place slightly away from the main space where people can sit quietly, if they need to, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Ash from the old fire site was spread over the boggy area near the shed and that has already made a big difference.


We carried out a little maintenance, felling small trees that were either ill positioned or that were casting too much shadow over the vegetable area. We pollarded a couple of trees near the wonderful birch so that now really stands out as a feature; looking forward to getting a circular bench around it so we can have a great spot to sit!


It was another lovely day on the acre and it was great to welcome new volunteers.