sense of form & purpose...


We had another great day on the acre for our volunteer Wednesday, lots going on and it was great to see either projects coming towards conclusion or new projects taking form.

We continued the bulbing...we think it may be nearing an end. We know that the hard work will be worth the effort come Springtime.

We spent some time turning the compost, which is fantastically rich and full of the largest earth worms. We really need this quality soil as we begin to plan out the garden. We're looking forward to re-building the sides of the compost to allow us room to keep producing great compost.


Work was started regarding the siting and size of our vegetable plot and Nicola and Kelly have staked an area out for the pond. This gives the garden a new sense of form and purpose, allowing us to picture how the elements will start to come together. It's all about creating a flowing garden, which means finding the right places for each project so the landscape isn't muddled but takes people seamlessly on a journey of discovery.

We also had time to celebrate a belated birthday and enjoy a well earned slab of cake!