The acre has been a hive of activity so far this summer but now it's time to take a short breather, take time to reflect on what a beautiful garden we have created and to enjoy it.

Thank you to all those who put in the time to make the judging season such a success. We hosted six days in total - triple the amount we did in our first year! It's always a pleasure to showcase the acre but of course we all know that the reason we love this space so much goes far beyond any praise or accolade that might come our way. It’s the changes that the acre brings within those that visit which is the most valuable and that’s impossible to judge.

The last judging day was a great success and the judges tour was ended with a moth release, a truly spectacular display and truly amazing to see the moths which normally go by completely unseen. There were two cakes for the judges to chose from kindly baked by the volunteers.

This year we've kept the wildflower meadow going despite much of it having "gone over". The benefit of doing this has been amazing for the wildlife; each morning a large number of the finch family can be seen feeding on seeds. Most commonly spotted are gold finches, often numbering two dozen or so, but green finches are are about too - a little more elusive and far fewer in number.

Also spotted this week was our beautiful fox, quietly sitting beside a log roundel. Resplendent in quite a light ginger coat he gave me a look of disdain for interrupting his sunshine bathing before quietly slinking in amongst the bamboo. Another slow worm was briefly seen before it too slithered quickly into a patch of wildflower.

Things will be a little quieter over the next few weeks as we enter the Summer weeks - the acre getting a well deserved rest that it needs.