storm in a teacup

Only three weeks ago we were steaming under record temperatures and and now there is torrential rain! We were surprised to see so many volunteers on Wednesday, all sheltering from the rain in the cabin - optimists all. Unfortunately the pessimistic weather forecasters were right and the rain didn't relent all day - the moody, swollen grey skies providing the dullness that required us to put the lights on as we sipped on our cups of tea. However we did take the opportunity to discuss planting for the autumn and vegetables which we might be able to grow to see us through winter and into spring. Thinking ahead and keeping the garden going is all part of the process so it wasn't a washout after all.

The Thursday Gardening Club obviously stole all the sunshine we'd missed out on on Wednesday and made great use of it! The entrance to the acre is finally getting the attention it needs and there are exciting plans for this area which is the first thing we all see as we enter.

This week also saw us welcome a group from Tices Meadow Nature Reserve. We discussed the ways in which we could work together, and by looking at the aims of our projects which have the community at the heart of them, we know there are exciting opportunities to be explored. Joining up the various groups in the area, finding synergy and symbiosis, is something we can achieve and we hope we can arrange a bird watching trip to their reserve soon and start some joint ventures.

We’ve also been fortunate enough to have the moth trap donated to space2grow. This has proved to be a great success and I know will be much used, especially when we have groups of children over! Having said that the adults got just as much enjoyment and I hope we can do regular recorded surveys going forward.