coming up smelling of garlic...


Every week the acre looks even more stunning as flowers burst open, their dazzling array of colours vividly contrasting with the greenness of the well watered trees and grasses. Scabia and cornflowers are just on the cusp of opening their buds and the few that have make a wonderful contrast amongst our Oxe Eye Daisies. Some majestic thistles are now in bloom and patches of stunning clover can be found in the wildflower patch by the pond. Single red poppies sway delicately in the breeze, defiant of all the atrocious weather thrown at them during their all too brief appearances. Fruit is likely to be abundant this year as our trees and bushes will soon be weighted down with produce and the vegetables are growing well too. The acre is putting on a show and giving us the performance worthy of all our hard work. Viewing highly recommended!


This week has seen a few projects get kick started, chief amongst these being the base of our new bbq being laid. This weekend a good friend to the project will be coming to build it but a big thanks to our two fearless volunteers who stepped up to the mark to get the base completed. It was a great case of doing something new and their efforts were admirable - a big thank you from all of us and we'll all be enjoying great al fresco eating soon!

Another giant step forward has been made on our new toilet which has been insulated and boarded. It now has the first coat of whitewash and soon will be artistically transformed by one of our creative and talented volunteers - we can’t wait to see the results.

As you come by the side of the workshop cabin, wonderful scents waft up from our newly planted " sensory" bed. These include cherry pie and vanilla ( honest!) and soon sweet, fragrant jasmine will join in with lavender and mint. It will be a sensory riot as our mind tries to work out what's being sent to it!

We also harvested to huge garlic bulbs which smelt and looked fantastic, we were abler to gift these to two new visitors to the project - our own special version of a goodie bag!

The greenhouses have been restocked and many more seed trays can be seen in readiness for a late summer plant out. Our resident veg expert has also planted a vegetable strip with leeks and they will be fantastic with our potato's in soup!