building blocks


Having had consistently very wet days three days in a row we can count ourselves lucky as the rain stayed away on our ‘Welcome Wednesday’ until after lunch, it could have been a lot worse. We dug out the foundations for the new bbq and we’ve bought the aggregates so hopefully we'll be cooking on coals soon - as long as the rain stays away!

Volunteers were busy planting cosmos and Aster seeds, pricking out and planting on our exhaustive supply of tomato seedlings. One of our resident volunteers is a trained chef so we hope with the completed BBQ he’ll be busy cooking lots of Italian dishes for us this summer! Meanwhile, the vegetable strips were tended to, corn planted out and beans moved from a bed they didn't favour. The fruit cage was straightened after taking a battering during the rain and there was much tidying up our flower beds. Only three weeks until judging day - crikey!

Two of our regular Wednesday team worked tirelessly on boarding out our toilet with ply and insulation. Soon this will be transformed with colour as it has a refurbishment. Overhanging branches were tackled that were causing a nuisance on the path toward the Thinking Shed and by the time the rain came much had been achieved.

Another feature has been added too; a flowerbed now runs on the Western side of the workshop cabin and we bought a lovely jasmine to climb up the wall where it can waft its lovely fragrance as a greeting to us when we arrive. A plant pot shelf will soon be on that wall too (at nose level) so we’ll have to add some lovely scents to accompany the jasmine - lemon balm or lavender.... the area is in partial shade...we may have to try and see what thrives there.