cabin plans

A rather wet and windy Wednesday meant that we had a week of planning rather than out pottering in the rain! Although we have a lovely large cabin which is a great space for hosting our parenting groups, we’ve long been needing a gardening cabin; a space where we can worry less about our muddy boots and be a little closer to our vegetable plots. There’s been lots of work in spreading the word to raise funds for the second cabin and we've reached our target funding and work should start next month! The money has come from two local charities ( The Dempster Trust and the Farnham Institute) to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for their belief in our garden project and their generosity in funding our new cabin. A big thank you! 

A big thank you is also reserved for our very own Nick who works away quietly ensuring that space2grow is getting the support it needs. We can now start planning how we want the interior of our cabin to look and, as always, your input is important so let us know your thoughts. 

We also had a great visit from a nationwide charity helps people with poor mental health re-establish their wellbeing by involving them in work and volunteer opportunities in the local area. We believe that the two organisations compliment each other and hopefully we can begin working together soon. 

A wet Wednesday but lots to look forward to.