Despite the wet start we did get the acre looking a lot smarter although it was too damp to do much strimming. The cabin lawn was mown together with areas around our vegetable strips. Some weeding of the paths and general tidying ensured that the acre looked a lot smarter when the sun finally put in an appearance. The area around the maze was given a strim and looks a lot better for it. 


Aniello's tomatoes are absolutely fantastic, so is our sweetcorn, so tonight we’ll be supplementing our dinners with produce from our acre - beautiful! The apple trees are laden with fruit and the strawberry plants are still providing really sweet and juicy treats! The lettuce is crisp and ready to crop whilst our water melons are coming on too. There's a veritable feast to be had and a number of us are enjoying the fruits of our labour tonight. 

Allegedly the weather is set to improve so hopefully we can bbq next week, lets keep this magnificent summer going!