wildflowers & vegetables


The acre sells itself at the moment with the wildflower varieties in flower changing weekly, the fruit beginning to weigh down the boughs, vegetables bursting with flavour whilst the formal beds are maturing with bursts of colour. The backdrop of the pond, surrounded by privet and bamboo, provides a sense of serenity and well being that I know is shared amongst us. The acre is doing a sterling job!


In preparation of the judging on Friday           (South and South East in Bloom) some weeding of the beds was carried out and they were watered by Nicola and Simon. The attention to the watering of our willow fencing by the path is paying dividends as it is flourishing in most places, against all the odds. Similarly our vegetable beds are looking great under Isobel's stewardship and we are cropping on a weekly basis. Brilliant! Time for another Isobel gem; I know that I wasn't the only person to be gobsmacked watching Isobel pollinating our corn by hand, we had no idea it was pollinated by the wind rather than insects.

Late in the day the acre was treated to a brief and sudden down pour, but any rain welcome at the moment, however brief - it is only when you experience such a long, hot, dry spell that you really begin to miss those rainy days.