beginning to harvest


It was wonderful to harvest some of our vegetables, under Isobel's watchful eye, and to see volunteer's able to take some of it home to add to their supper. Isobel is the fount of all knowledge and a valuable resource for all of us to tap into. We honestly believed that small potato's were a particular species not just potato's cropped early. That's our marrow, courgette and potato knowledge increased ten fold in two weeks!


Away from the vegetable strips, Suzie and Sarah were busy making our new picking salad bowls. When we have events on the acre - like our upcoming picnic - we'll be able to move these around the groups and salad can't be fresher than that, can it?!


New seeds will now be on the go in our greenhouse to replace crops as we use them.

Elsewhere on the acre Mick was planting out some of his donations whilst also giving us some useful pond tips. The pond is looking great now it's full and if you get a chance to take the view from in amongst the bamboo, back down the acre, you will be rewarded with a a new perspective of the acre. Perhaps the ideal spot for a bench. The pond is our new blank canvass and it will be fun sharing the ideas we have for it.


The small trees in and around the cabin needed some TLC so Clare has cleared the vegetation from around their base which we can now fertilise and water. In a similar vein, Brendan cleared the bindweed that was strangling the Portugese laurel and lilac trees. A big thank you to Simon who comes in every day and diligently waters the acre, without him much of our hard work would have been in vain. Nicky, Kate and Aniello were also busy about the acre and it was another highly rewarding and fun day!