The big plant out!

What a great turnout we had on Wednesday for a fantastic day of achievement - we're creating a garden that will be a joy to be in this summer!

Our new cabin now has its guttering in place thanks to Nicks great work. In fact Nick was ticking off multiple tasks; new shelving in the cabin, fixing a clock and a barometer to the wall, pumping water from the water butts to our new zinc tank, fixing leaking guttering on the Thinking Shed, making a strawberry container bed from an old pallet and dealing with the electricians as they upgraded our electrics in both cabins. A hard grafting day which is truly appreciated.

The man mountain that is Dan was on site to supervise the moving of the barn end to its new site at the far end of the pond, ably assisted by John and Brendan. They also moved the larger of the two metal benches to a shady spot, overlooking the water. This now means we can crack on with creating a base for our brick bbq - fantastic news.


The big plant out! After weeks of nurturing our seedlings and potting them on, it was time to get them into their beds. First Lisa, Nicky and Francoise cleared the area to the left of our Harry Potter door, cutting down the daffodils and taking out loads of weeds. After a healthy working through of compost, the soil was ready to welcome its new arrivals. The team consulted a plant book in our new library and took a selection of plants from the " hardening off" area outside the greenhouses. By this time the group had grown to include Lilly and between them they selected cornflowers, zinnia and cosmos as their choices. The bed now has a totally new look about it and visitors will have an immediate treat when the big door swings open! Lilly also went seed shopping and selected poppies which she sprinkled about the new bed;  it will be exciting to see this mass of colour in a few weeks!

Marianne took to weeding the Madge Green and Transform beds, putting in some new plants too, and these two beds look brilliant - a real testament to all her hard work, especially as the sun was beating down on her all day! Another big thank you.

Gerrard and Isobel concentrated their efforts towards our vegetable strips, weeding and planting out. The articulated lorry tyres have now been filled with soil and sand and hopefully we'll have a bumper crop of carrots to enjoy. Don has created a wonderland along the bed that runs parallel to the footpath. His project includes a row of cornflowers, with lupins and sunflowers.

The greenhouse production line continued apace as Gill and Fenella were pricking out our seedlings into larger pots ready for hardening off and growing on. We now have lots of plants that we can look to bed out in the next couple of weeks - the acre will be a riot of colour!

Mick was on the acre and was soon busily taking out the plants from Toni's cutting bed and giving it a thorough weeding through. Some compost has been added and dug through and now it's ready for planting with the flowers Toni has been growing from seed. We hope to edge the beds with old tiles to give them an old style, distinctive look in keeping with a cottage garden. It will look fab!


John, Aniello and Brendan have now cleared an area towards the back of the new cabin so that we can extend the path that runs from the Harry Potter door to the horticulture area. Hope fully we can get the path completed now due to their hard work. Aniello has also cleared the new bbq area so we're rocking on that project too!

In the early evening the acre was full of young voices as we welcomed the Rainbow and Girl Guides for their weekly visit. Pete was soon donning his waders as he got them involved in planting out our pond. I know that they are all thoroughly enjoying themselves and a big thank you to Pete for giving us his time and imparting his knowledge which both groups are lapping up. What Pete is doing is an important part of what space2grow is all about, passing on a love of nature and demonstrating how we can make positive changes to help our environment. Thank you Pete, and Jo, for your efforts which are making a real difference. 

But the day was by no means over! After a day of such hard work, with just a few slices of Nicola's excellent lemon drizzle cake to sustain them, it was time for a bbq! Soon the volunteers were tucking into burgers and sausages, with some healthy salad, and were able to relax in the wonderful surroundings that they are creating. Just fantastic and a big thank you for making the day so enjoyable and getting so much done. 

Today it was the Thursday Gardening Club's turn to put their own stamp on the acre. Libby, Ann and Ernest set about weeding the two remaining circular beds and creating a significant space for another plant out. Always keen to get more people involved on the acre we have decided that a group of Scouts and Beavers will be calling one of these beds their own. Libby and I will run an early evening session in early June with our new recruits, taking them through the process of seeding to planting out.