Here comes the rain...


Black clouds hovered over the acre today, finding us hunkering down in the workshop cabin whilst outside the pond was naturally filled as the clouds emptied. However there was plenty to be getting on with as we improvised a potting up line in the cabin and trundled about with wheelbarrows whenever there was a momentary break from the torrential downpours.


Two tons of soil conditioner was delivered and this had to be shifted on to the acre. For their sheer doggedness to get the task done in the appalling weather we owe Brendan and John a huge thank you. The conditioner has been dug into our various flower and vegetable beds which will improve our soil. This will mean that each year our beds will be easier to dig through and our crops and flowers will be even better than they were in our first year. A big thank you to Iain McCreadie from Farnham Town Council for arranging the deliveries to us.

Later in the week the weather was improving and the main focus now turned to our pond. For three days Pete, Jo and John wielded spades, shifting large amounts of soil and recreating the pond so that it is now better able to support the range of pond plants required to ensure that we attract a great range of pond life and have a truly healthy and natural habitat that will be a fantastic feature of the acre for years to come. A big thank you for giving up so much of your time to get the pond project up and running. A good range of British native pond plants have been selected and purchased and will be with us and ready for planting soon.