first vegetables...


There was plenty of industrious activity going on which was aided by having a dry day, although the earth remains stubbornly claggy and difficult to work. A great effort was made by the team on the willow fencing and the area around the secluded garden has been completed to a very good standard.

As willow grows at an astonishing rate we will soon have a natural screen to give that area some privacy. Next task in that area is to clear any wood that we haven't earmarked for projects ( bug stockades, planters etc ) so that we can get creative with architecture and planting.

Nick seemed to be everywhere today and under his guidance we have completed the third vegetable strip and have also planted our first vegetables! It's been a hard few weeks graft to get to this point so a big thank you to everyone for such sterling efforts. Late in the day Nick returned with more vegetables that we can plant straight out and the seed potatoes will be joining them in the coming days. One of our flower beds also took shape, again under Nick's tutorlage, and a few plants have made it their home. Scarlett came up with a good idea to create a border around the beds using the small logs that are piled up near the cabin.

So in summary we're on our way! Vegetables in the ground, borders fenced, flower beds created and planting started. With a distinct upturn in the weather forecast for the next week I'd like to thank everyone for the hard work in the grim conditions that has got us to this point.