digging and transforming


Today was one of those Wednesdays when the acre was visibly transformed as we had the digger on site. All the tree stumps that we had identified weeks ago for removal with spray paint have been dug up, together with a few others that were obvious trip hazards.

 We had a brief " chat on the go " about our cut flower bed locations and these were then marked out by Nick, Kate and Nicola. The large mound that dominated the eyeline has now largely disappeared, using the soil to line the banks of the stream where we hope to create a path.


Under Isobel's guidance the vegetable strips had a healthy dose of compost added, so just need enclosing with board to finish them off. Either next week, the week after at the latest, we'll be planting our potatoes and possibly some beetroot too. Nick and Isobel identified a couple of fruit bushes that were viable and these have been heeled in to new spots in our orchard. New, more healthy fruit bushes will be added to replace the ones we thought were past it and Isobel has kindly agreed to source these from her stock from home.



We also had a conversation about our serenity garden and we'll be putting a vision together on paper tomorrow afternoon. One of the volunteer's partner has also very kindly offered his tree surgeon expertise to pollard some of the trees in that area. That will really help allow us to see the space we have to work with.

Here's to next week being as much fun!