Learning through Nature


The meadow provides the perfect natural playground for children of all ages to explore and we’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work alongside a local primary school.

Working together to see what learning opportunities there are on the acre they now use the acre three times a week; regularly running a whole morning , an afternoon and an after school club at space2grow.


After 6 months of hosting school classes at the acre, in February 2019, we were able to designate a corner of the acre to the school. This year the school are studying ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ ( yr 1) and ‘The Secret Garden’ ( yr 2) and the teachers planned their classes to involve not just literacy skills but also maths, the environment and planning around these two books. Although the acre provides a great space we wanted to go a little further by giving them their own garden within in it. Creating a sense of ownership, inspiring them to create a garden in their vision which they can be proud of.


Known as "The Secret Garden", initially plants were grown in the classroom and then planted out at a plug stage. Our regular Thursday Gardening Club then worked alongside the school to help this come to fruition.

The children also had a chance to sow a wild flower bed. They were treated to a talk on seeds given by specialist who works with the project who hosted a very lively Q&A session with the children.

Currently we are making a bog garden, complete with a flushing cistern and a latrine! - the idea is that people will actually flush the toilet, which has been filled with rain water, and water the bog plants beneath!This is a new project which will involve the children as they'll be helping to plant it out under our resident experts guidance. A rather unique watering system but also practical and functional so watch this space!

Whether its finding 20cm sticks, 5 different leaves or something with a flat surface, creating designs for their Secret Garden or watching how plants develop from the seeds they have sown, this project has been fantastic for all those involved and educates the next generation about the importance of cherishing our natural world. Magicial.