humans have an almost genetic predisposition to seek contact with nature
— E.O.Wilson, evolutionary biologist

There has been a growing interest in the benefits of nature-based therapies for the well-being of individuals of all ages and for those struggling with a broad range of life challenges.

space2grow aims to assist people living in the local area who have been affected by mental health and psychological difficulties such as anxiety and depression.


We believe that nature has a unique ability to help people to feel more present, connected and content and that creating, conserving and learning about natural habitats together is beneficial to all.  We believe that meaningful horticultural and environmental activities have the ability to offer important physical and psychological benefits.  

We have a wide range of activities which people are able to get involved with. These range from cultivating vegetables and flowers, general gardening and maintenance, planning and developing areas of the acre and perhaps most importantly enjoying a well earned hot drink and break! We welcome lots of different ideas and at the moment we have various projects that are just being formed so there are plenty of areas to get really engaged with. These range from planning and developing a serenity garden, planning a pond and considering the planting to support that, planning a willow arch, planning flower beds, developing areas to encourage insects and other wildlife.  

Whichever programme is being attended all of us at space2grow want to ensure everyone feels welcomed, accepted and able to become involved with the development and nurturing of this beautiful space as much as they would like and feel able to do so.